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Limiting Beliefs

The journey down the path of life can be hard for anyone at any point in time. We are all predestined to find our purpose of living and fulfillment of existence but who is to say that there are no obstacles on the way.

On an everyday basis, limitations can come in the form of slow traffic, being late for a job interview,or being late to your kid’s soccer practice.

All these do deal out a certain level of hardships, but what can make them go from either inconsequential or large let-downs in life are in the form of limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs form barriers to open-mindedness and being aware of a larger plan at play.

Limiting beliefs have the potential to restrict the personal growth and holistic development of a person’s mind and body.

From a psychological standpoint, limiting beliefs, also known as negative thoughts, have a lot to do with the way a person reacts to his or her environment and the events that come to play. They rupture our idea of who we are and what we are capable of.

Limiting beliefs are limitations that hold you back from becoming the best person you can be – someone who wakes up with all the potential to make every day a productive and enriching experience.

Some ways in which limiting beliefs can really bring negativity in your life is through your world view: Your ideas of what you can do, what you can achieve, what others think of you, and what you think of yourself come under distortion. If this is not bad enough, your understanding of how the world works also comes under attack.

This leaves no room for comfort and stability to come and rescue the situation if you do not take certain steps to break the chain of negative command in your life and your success.

Limiting beliefs can come from an array of different sources. But to narrow them down, these beliefs can come from two main sources: from within oneself and from the environment.

In either case, we believe that unblocking both these sources holds the key to unleashing your innermost potentials.

Limiting beliefs originating from within oneself usually surfaces as certain events and experiences from one’s own childhood that have been set to surface as self-limiting beliefs later on in life.

These can all lead to an early onset of mistrust of others and, most importantly, mistrust of oneself. When one is unsure of what is true, what is right and just, it can lead to the very development of limiting beliefs, especially when there is no intervention from a more knowledgeable adult at the right time.

Distortion of oneself and the idea of it results in the distortion of reality. What you believe to be true becomes what is true around you.

So if your parents have made you feel small, you will forever carry on the limiting belief of inadequacy as true. As we develop into adulthood, these become ingrained and harder to change or even identify the source of all distortions. These resurface later on as limiting beliefs from within.

Limiting beliefs coming from external sources refer to those that can arise from events or circumstances later on in life after attaining a more mature stance in life.

These can come in the form of prolonged exposure to certain causes of stresses in our lives, such as a toxic home, social, or work environment.

But at this age, it is easier to deal with limiting beliefs that arise from these stressors as one can choose to believe or disregard the beliefs that may arise from them.

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