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Your Self-Image and Your Past

Your self-image is a collection of thoughts and beliefs that you have about yourself. And those thoughts and beliefs are based on past experiences.

Things that have happened in your past have led to your brain being wired in certain ways. It formed the filter your brain uses to filter information it perceives, in order to form interpretations.

Your past shape the person that you are today, for the good and the not so good. How you view your past experiences both consciously and sub-consciously shape how you approach life.

Your brain is wired to look for evidence for what it already believes. Repeat patterns. And make assumptions and generalizations to save time and energy.


Your thoughts are optional. And most of us are wandering around the planet, believing our brain’s interpretation as facts.

And the way we choose to think about the facts and circumstances of our lives create our entire emotional experience, the way we act, and the results we create.

The subconscious mind is the proving mind. It scans for evidence to prove all your subconscious beliefs true – and pays no attention to evidence that proves the opposite!

So, whatever your current beliefs are about yourself, is naturally going to be what your default brain makes every situation mean.

Your beliefs influence your interpretation of your reality.

The key is to become an observer of your thoughts and choose how you want to think, feel and respond to situations, not based on the past but the future you, intentionally.

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