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Your Superpower!

Many of us are wondering the earth, accomplished in many ways, capable of fulfillment in many areas of our lives, but with a fundamental wound that stops us from becoming who we truly might be. We don’t quite know who we are. We live life without having a stable sense of what we are worth.

They don't teach it in school. My parents didn't know it either.

That's why we were never told about the superpower we have about our thoughts, and that we have control over how we think, feel, and act.

As a result, we tend to feel like the victim of circumstances throughout our lives.

It feels like life is happening to us. What we experience in life is determined by the outside world and we have little or no control over it.

Most people believe they were shared a hand of cards at birth - the parenting 'map, the community' card, the religious and life philosophy chart, and a variety of other living conditions that are beyond their control.

Then, throughout their lives, their mission on this earth is to play the cards they were dealt.

But as life go on, additional cards are added to their pile. The bullied in school' card, breaking up with your high school love card, the addiction card, the failed college card, the fired card, the car crash card, the get cancer card.

They feel at the mercy of these cards handed over, because each new round they play causes them to feel new emotions, and the then manifest in behavior.

They are desperate to fit in, to be accepted, to be around good people who act appropriately.

They spend most of their time controlling the world around them in an effort to meet their own needs.

They do this by arguing, changing their jobs, buying the item they believe will ultimately make them happy.

But no matter where they go, their problems seem to follow them. No matter what they do, in the end they are still unhappy, unfulfilled, and angry.

It feels like life is constantly throwing things at them and putting obstacles in their way. Some people respond to all these cards by working frantically to try to control them — and pick up more unwanted cards.

Some people begin to feel helpless and, losing hope, and so they give away their strength and live their lives on autopilot. Others choose to numb themselves from life.

You can imagine that most people are quite tense and unhappy as a result.

This stress leads to a variety of mental and emotional problems, such as anxiety, depression, overwhelm, hopelessness, and even guilt and shame.

And to top it all, with the invention of social media, we can now also look at everyone's perfect Instagram photos and feel even worse about ourselves. Everyone else seems to have gotten a better pack of cards to play. That's not fair!

The truth is, we don’t have a secure hold on our own values or judgments.

The solution is the understanding of our own mind and powerful tools to take back control of it. Without knowing who we are, we let other people decide whether we are worthless or bad, and there is nothing preventing us from swallowing their verdicts.

We will always be asking other people what we deserve instead of looking inside for an answer.

When you don’t choose your own values and develop a sense of self, you have nothing else but other people’s narratives and opinions to define yourself.

Realizing that we lack a stable identity , is a sobering realization. But we can start to correct the problem at any point.

Once we know ourselves, we are able to catch negative patterns and truly offer our best selves to others.

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